Laura and Matthew 2010

As I am running over two years behind on posting to this site, I am tempted to skip postings I should have made.  However, I will not.  There are several important events that should be documented here.  Once, if I catch up, more current postings will resume.

Laura and Matthew were married at the lovely Virginia Cliffe Inn outside of Richmond, VA in October of 2010.  The weather equalled the beauty of my two friends.

Katie & Chris

On Saturday, August 08th, I had the pleasure of assisting Allison Britton in photographing Katie and Chris’ beautiful ceremony in Virginia.  

During the ceremony, they displayed a slideshow with photographs of Chris and Katie as children.

Katie’s expression says it all:  

After the ceremony, Allison made some stunning as well as fun formal portraits of Katie and Chris.  The next three were taken more or less over Allison’s shoulder:

Katie is dancing with her father, while Chris dances with his mother.

After the first dance, the father-daughter, and mother-son dances, everyone took to the dance floor:

Working for Allison was a treat as always, and Katie and Chris were practically glowing all day!  There were so many great vibes at this wedding I went home feeling good about the world.   I wish Katie and Chris all the happiness!

Laura and Rich

Allison Britton has been keeping me busy assisting her photographing the weddings of many wonderful couples.   Earlier in April, I had the pleasure of assisting her at Laura and Rich’s wedding in Virginia.  The weather this spring has been great and this day was no exception; the rain held of until after dark.  The ceremony was held at the historic Aquia Church.


Gari Melchers Home and Studio at Belmont proved a lovely setting for the reception.  And what a fun reception it was! Laura, her family and friends were joined by Rich’s family and friends, most of whom travelled all the way from England to attend.




Allison and I were joined by Jamie from Borrowed Blue Photography, who gave me some fresh ideas and perspectives on wedding photography.  Thanks Jamie!

I wish Laura and Rich all the best in their new lives together.

Lindsey and Devin

Allison Britton asked me to photograph as her second during the wedding of a member of her extended family.  The wedding was beautiful, the bride was radiant, and the weather was perfect.  Though late in beginning, the ceremony and reception were worth the wait as family and friends gathered to celebrate the marriage of a couple who radiated their love for each other.

I had the privilage of photographing both Devin getting ready and Lindsey before she came down for the ceremony.  Allison made more beautiful images of Lindsey getting ready, but I enjoyed the opportunity to take a few as well.


The ring bearer and flower girl were about the cutest children I have seen!

The ceremony itself was very moving.

After the ceremony, Allison did a wonderful job of flow posing.  I made these two images over her shoulder.

Back inside, Devin and Lindsey took several turns around the dance floor looking very in love and happy.

Here are a few other scenes from the day.

I want to extend my best wishes to Devin and Lindsey for a happy and healthy life together.  And as always, my thanks to Allison for allowing me to assist her in photographing.