Cape Cod: birthday ride

So my birthday was last week.  It was not a milestone number divisible by 5, yet, as I mature, I celebrate each year as an accomplishment and a gift more than I did when younger.  My family knows I like bike riding and spending time with them, so they gifted me a family ride.  As we were vacationing in Cape Cod, we drove our bikes down to one of the parking areas along the Old Colony Trail.

We rode 8 miles round trip into Chatham for ice cream.  The trail toward Chatham is well maintained and passes by the airport.

My elder son rides a Rivendell Rosco Bubbe v1:

My younger son rides a Rivendell inspired hybrid from the mid 1990s that I had  powdercoated to his specifications.  I even found black albatross bars through Blue Lug.  

After our family ride, I continued the opposite direction on the trail into Harwich.  

I enjoyed a snack break at the First Congrgational Church  Cemetery.  A peaceful place.

Careful viewers of my photos might notice the lack of a front fender on my Rivendell Romulus.  It cracked during the car ride to the Cape.  I saw it in my side mirror vibrating in the wind.  When we arrived, I noticed the damage.  

All-in-all a great day, which was followed by a great week at the beach.

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