road trip 2009: Part II

After departing Tucson, we drove north toward Flagstaff.  After countless trips to Flagstaff, I remain awed by the geographic transformation that occurs between Phoenix and Flagstaff as one proceeds from the desert floor around Phoenix to the pine tree covered mountains around Flagstaff.  The change in temperature is quite refreshing, too.  After lunch in Flagstaff we travelled north through the western part of the Navajo Reservation to Page, Arizona.  Upon arriving in Page, Arizona we visited Glen Canyon Dam and marveled at the vision and engineering that went into creating the dam and Lake Powell.

Of course you can’t visit Lake Powell and not get at least your feet wet. 

Many folks were enjoying the lake in their houseboats.

On our way from Lake Powell to Bryce National Park, we stopped at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary north of Kanab, Utah.  This is a wonderful organization; if you are an animal lover, please click on the above link to learn more.  (A timely aside, Best Friends took in 22 of Michael Vick’s pit bulls saving them from certain euthanasia.  They announced the first of these dogs had been formally adopted into a new home on July 17th, 2009.  Now that is very cool!)

After taking a tour of Best Friends and meeting several adorable animals, we continued on our journey to Bryce Canyon, though we all vowed we would return to Angel Canyon next summer to volunteer at Best Friends!  It is a remarkable place!

The Bryce Lodge was almost as scenic as the canyon and had the authentic feel I hoped for.  The hotel facilities were nice.  The boys enjoyed the view and clowning around!

Occasionaly, I get a brilliant idea. 🙂  Before we left on our trip, I packed two digital point and shoot cameras for the boys to use.  When we arrived at Bryce, I gave them to Will and Ben.  Ureka!  They spent the rest of our vacation taking photos.   They actually wanted to hike in order to take more photos! 🙂 

Below is Will’s favorite photo of the many he made:

Below is Ben’s favorite photograph of the many he made.

Below are a few of my favorite images:

Natures ability to persevere always impresses me.  Whether it be the weeds growing in a crack in my driveway or this tree seemingly growing out of  rock.


Bryce National Park surpassed my expectations and is a location I look forward to returning frequently.  There is a beauty and a sense of harmony that is difficult to describe.


One thought on “road trip 2009: Part II

  1. Erl,

    These are wonderful! So glad you all had a great trip!

    best wishes for a good school year! Best to Jenny and the boys.\\Elaine

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