Lindsey and Devin

Allison Britton asked me to photograph as her second during the wedding of a member of her extended family.  The wedding was beautiful, the bride was radiant, and the weather was perfect.  Though late in beginning, the ceremony and reception were worth the wait as family and friends gathered to celebrate the marriage of a couple who radiated their love for each other.

I had the privilage of photographing both Devin getting ready and Lindsey before she came down for the ceremony.  Allison made more beautiful images of Lindsey getting ready, but I enjoyed the opportunity to take a few as well.


The ring bearer and flower girl were about the cutest children I have seen!

The ceremony itself was very moving.

After the ceremony, Allison did a wonderful job of flow posing.  I made these two images over her shoulder.

Back inside, Devin and Lindsey took several turns around the dance floor looking very in love and happy.

Here are a few other scenes from the day.

I want to extend my best wishes to Devin and Lindsey for a happy and healthy life together.  And as always, my thanks to Allison for allowing me to assist her in photographing.



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