Scenes From Spring Vacation

As spring vacation draws to an end, I wanted to share some photographs.  For his birthday Ben got his own Nintendo DS so he and Will could both play Pokemon for hours at a time.  

I managed to pry the boys away from their games to take a hike at Carderock with some friends.   

When not hiking, playing outside, or playing on the nintendo, the boys were busy looking after their webkinz.  


One thought on “Scenes From Spring Vacation

  1. Wow a DS for both of them! I am bad and bought myself one because I got tired of waiting for Aaron to give up his.

    I love the pictures of them on the hike with their buddies. Their friends will remember you for the rest of their lifes for that. I still remember my friend Dave’s Granddad and taking us for hikes to find the end of the rainbow. Never did find that pot of gold. I hope you enjoyed your break!

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