Christmas in Tucson

Over Christmas and New Year my wife, two sons and I travelled to Tucson, Arizona to visit my parents, sister, and brother and his family.  My two sons point to their holiday destination in this photograph we used for our holiday card.

My parents house was nicely decorated for the holidays.

This family photo was made the night we arrived; my dad took the picture.  I especially like the fact that my mother is visible in the background on the left side.

Ben holds one of his favorite presents: a penguin stuffed animal

In this photograph Will is opening his Nintendo DS; a gift he has been asking for all year! 


My parents:

My niece Emily:

My parents with three of their grandchildren:

Jenny helps Ben play with his Leapster:

My nephew Selby enjoying his train set.  To me this is a timeless Christmas moment:

Selby also enjoyed his chocolate fondu:

One of the many highlights of the trip was making smores:


We also travelled to Mount Lemon where the boys played in the snow after a lunch with Grammy and their Aunt Elisabeth.

Overall it was a great trip and wonderful holiday spent with family:


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