Landscapes at 70mph (part 1)


On a recent train trip across the United States, I photographed some landscapes through the window of the train.  This act required cleaning the inside of the window as best I could, pressing the front of the lens against the window, setting my aperature for f5.6 to insure some depth of field(shutter speed was 1/2000 and ISO was 400), and timing the release of the shutter for the best possible moment.  I had no second chance.  I could have increased my odds of well composed images by using the continuous shooting mode on my camera, however, that seemed to me to take all the challenge out of it.  For me it was one scene, one photograph.  In the end it was entertaining and I am pleased with several of the images.  Comment and/or critiques always welcome.


2 thoughts on “Landscapes at 70mph (part 1)

  1. With me it is a coach rather than a train. It is always a challenge to photograph through a window and most of the time it is only when you get home and download the pics that you find out whether you’ve got a great picture or a dud.

    But it is great thrill when you discover the beauties.

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